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Beyond Paper Tigers Trauma-Informed Conference

The 2018 Beyond Paper Tigers Trauma-Informed Care Conference was a great success thanks to our conference presenters and conference attendees!

If you are interested in attending the 2019 Beyond Paper Tigers Conference, a future mini-conference or a Trauma-Informed Training, please click here to join our conference and training email list.  New training workshops will be announced soon!

Why Attend This Trauma-Informed Care Conference?

The documentary Paper Tigers sparked renewed interest in the effects of chronic, overwhelming stress and trauma on children’s development. Knowledge about ACEs continues to be shared throughout the country. Yet parents, educators, clinicians, mental health workers and law enforcement alike still struggle to implement this knowledge in a concrete and tangible way.  This year’s conference will provide concrete strategies for implementation, including a day-long Trauma-Informed Certification track, in both English and Spanish, and General conference sessions which include six sessions specifically focused on community implementation examples.

Our conference theme is the power of relationship–“the mutual and interdependent respect that results when people feel safe, believe that everyone has something to offer, and are confident that each person is willing to offer time and expertise for movement toward success.” Our keynote, Dr. Charles Salina (Gonzaga University and “turnaround” principal at Sunnyside (WA.) High School) will connect a “turnaround” cultural mindset shift as the core for every community to achieve through hope, healing and help for all of us. Learn more about Dr. Charles Salina here…

Read an article about Beyond Paper Tigers Presenter Jim Sporleder, “Lincoln High School’s Trauma-Informed Strategies: Jim Sporleder Reflects on Lessons Learned” here…

Beyond Paper Tigers Conference Presenter Jane Stevens, founder of ACEs Connection discusses The Impact of Data on Community Growth: ACEs Connection’s Framework and Tools…

Jennifer L. Hossler, MSW has published an article entitled “The Journey From Me to We: The Walla Walla Way” about how the Community Resilience Initiative has responded to ACEs with trauma informed and resilience-building practices in Walla Walla as a community approach. Read the full article here…

How Beyond Paper Tigers Conference Presenter Tony McGuire teaches resilience strategies at the Washington State Penitentiary here…


Pre-Conference Events

Conference Schedule

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Location and Lodging Info

Clock Hours – Advance Instructions

Walla Walla Public Schools is sponsoring Clock Hours for our conference. Please be aware of the following requirements:

1. Sign in each day.

2.  Bring a check made payable to WWPS for $24 (12 Clock Hours at $2/clock hour). No other payment option is accepted, so remember your checkbook!

3.  Complete the Inservice Registration and Conference Evaluation forms prior to leaving the conference.

4.  Your email address on the sign in sheet will assure receipt of your transcript post-conference from WWPS.

The Clock Hour table will be open during registration, breakfast and lunch, and at the close of each day.

CEUs – Advance Instructions

Walla Walla University’s School of Social Work is sponsoring  CEUs for our conference. The CEU fee is $40 for 12.5 CEUs. Cash or check accepted. Sign in required for each day. Make sure you stop at the CEU table to register, sign each day, and complete other instructions.  This table will be open during registration, meals, and at the close of each day.