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We are Community Resilience Initiative (CRI)

The Community Resilience Initiative™ (CRI) is working to increase the positive, resilience-building experiences in the lives of the children, parents and families in our community.


We are creating a community conversent in ACEs and Resilience, starting with awareness and education. We achieve this in many respects- through hundreds of community presentations, the creation of teaching tools, the development of a framework for building a thriving community; the development of a model of services for ACEs support and a model of services for building resilience. In our practice, all roads lead to resilience.We also provide research and resources that support our work. With an understanding of ACEs and resilience, we can rise above the challenge of ACEs and thrive! After all, Resilience is our middle name!


When we became aware of the research on ACEs and the impact of toxic stress to a child’s developing brain, we felt our community would want to know about this amazing information. It clearly shows that there are real ways to reduce ACEs and their effect.  We created CRI, a grassroots, community response to ACEs, to help people see the power in Resilience!