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Welcome to the Home Page for Community Capacity Development We’d like to give a quick shout-out to all who attended our faith-based community meeting on Thursday, January 29th! We had over 25 people- a fantastic turnout- and amazing conversations. Each person brought valuable ideas to the table, and we loved hearing you all talk about modeling authenticity, being present for children, and spreading awareness about ACEs. Thank you for your passion and dedication! What is Community Capacity? Community Capacity is the ability of a community to reach its full potential. Capacity building occurs through continuous and collaborative learning- even in the face of existing problems- to create a high functioning, supportive community. It focuses on what a community already does well, while recognizing that there is always room to improve. It is about being willing to ask the hard questions in a safe and supportive setting. It welcomes, not excludes.We are Having Conversations that Matter

What does this mean?

The Children’s Resilience Initiative™ (CRI) of Walla Walla is building the community’s capacity to strengthen families. While ACEs – adverse childhood experiences – are devastating to one’s health, CRI has created a model of our community’s services and constructed roads to follow to build resilience. We are striving to help those affected by ACEs and to prevent more ACEs from occurring in our community. Resilience counters the damaging health effects of ACEs. This is community capacity development in action moving us towards a thriving community.

This is a long term shift in values and beliefs on the individual and community level. It will not happen overnight but will impact many generations to come.

Watch this short video to learn about ACEs: English | Spanish

Check out our Model of a Thriving Community
Click on the circles to learn more about each one

An example of how Walla Walla strives to create a thriving community:

The biennial Children’s Forum convenes the community to discuss and take action on an issue of concern for the children of the community. Here is our accompanying DATA BOOK that tracks fifteen indicators to answer the question, “And How Are The Children?”

Click Here for a Copy of the DATA BOOK

Click HERE to learn about the impact of ACEs without community  prevention and Intervention

Breaking the cycle of ACEs – Some ideas of what YOU can do:

  • Promote resilience and protective factors road map in your work space or business
  • Organize a Road map of Resilience neighborhood discussion group
  • Focus on keeping kid connected to school
  • Talk to our community leaders about an education levy to integrate ACEs & resilience education in our schools to help parents and students!

Help Get us to Resilience City!! 


“Resilience City!!” a resilience game using our deck of cards illustrating Community Capacity by a Lincoln High Student Michael Taylor

We have the power to intervene and lead our community and society in a healthy response to ACEs and build resilience. Time doesn’t just heal, people just don’t get over things.”     – Vincent Felitti MD ACEs Research Pioneer