Resilience Trumps ACEs Deck of Cards™ & Handbook

Available exclusively from the Children’s Resilience Initiative™, the deck includes 42 Resilience Building Blocks to help build resilience into our children’s lives.

The handbook explains the ACEs and Resilience information in brief content material, and describes each Resilience card. We include a couple of game ideas and other valuable information. Spanish and English versions are available.

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“Teri, these cards are common sense, I almost wasn’t paying attention at first.  But now I see what you are saying, I need to be intentional in teaching these to my son.  I didn’t realize I needed to teach these skills, I thought they would just be there some day in him.”


“I was a bit skeptical in seeing how a parent would react to the deck of cards.  Then, when I had a home visit, I sat down at the kitchen table with a mom and showed her a specific resilience card  I saw her son using at school.  After we talked about that, she looked at the 10 ACE cards that I had just pushed aside in a pile, and she asked me, “What are those?”  I said, those are the bad things that can happen to us in childhood that cause trouble later on.  She looked at the 10 cards, spread them out, really looked at them, then said, “Yeah, those are bad things, and they all happened to me.”  She was very engaged in studying the resilience cards with me.

Intervention Specialist