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Community Resilience Initiative (CRI) is celebrating “October is Resilience Month” with 150 yard signs (GOT RESILIENCE?), banners on Main Street and a large banner across S. 2nd Ave!  Please join CRI at the following FREE community events, EVERYONE is welcome to attend!

“October is Resilience Month” kicks off on Sept. 26 at 7pm at City Hall with the Walla Walla City Council Proclamation Celebration.

9:30am Walla Walla County Commissioners Proclamation of “October is Resilience Month” at the Legislative/Health Dept building across from Courthouse on Main Street





2-4pm at Plaza Way, WW County Rural Library, “Resilience Treasure Hunt a la London” with guest Tod Sullivan “the Winston Churchill Fellow from London”. Come play the Resilience Games and “ride” the London double-decker bus! Learn 5 new resilience strategies!





                                              October is Resilience Month FILM SERIES at the Walla Walla High School Fine Arts Auditorium

7-8pm Screening “DNA is not Destiny- How the Outside Gets Under the Skin” 37-min film with discussion about how the new science of epigenetics is something we all need to know about! Leave prepared to change your life with this information!


7-8pm Screening “Wounded Places- Confronting Childhood PTSD”, 42-min film with discussion on how Safety and Connection can heal wounds. Will you help heal the wounds by committing to a new smile, high five or positive attitude?


6-8pm Art Extravaganza at Sharpstein Elementary Cafeteria! Create a special treasure using a variety of art media and express yourself! Art in all forms helps us build positive energy about our feelings! Will you model “Expressing Feelings” to your child/ren? Open to all age groups and all community! FREE Pizza and salad provided!


6-7:30pm Enjoy the behind the scenes of the Disney Film “Inside Out” and how to identify and label our feelings to navigate our lives better!  Will you put your mirror neurons to work? Learn how! Edison Elementary Gymnasium, FREE Pizza and salad provided!


11-4pm Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration at the Farmers Market with Shakespeare Walla Walla and other partners! Come make a breathing buddy to model positive emotional regulation at home!



The Community Resilience Initiative offers a variety of research-based products with real-world strategies to help build resilience in children and adults.  We offer several free products [parent brochure & Am I in the Red Zone?] as well as calendars, bookmarks, posters, games kits, banners, resilience guide books, etc. in  our online store. CRI also offers trainings and the Beyond Paper Tigers Trauma-Informed conference. Connect with us on Facebook or join our email list!


CRI is focused on helping to build “Safety” and “Connection” in our Valley by understanding how chronic stress affects our brains, bodies and health. When we know how our brains work, we can do a better job of building strategies that help us manage the challenges of life. We know resilience helps communities thrive through mutual support and a commitment to shared values. Join CRI to create a community conversant in Safety and Connection!

Watch the following 4-Part “CRI Partner Showcase” video series to learn what partnering

with CRI has meant to them and their organizations: