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the Resilience Games with Instruction Booklet, the Resilience Trumps ACEs Manual, the ACE and Resilience 10-Card Set, Refrigerator Magnets, and the Resilience Treasure Hunt Kit. Check out the Upcoming Products page for more information!

When we became aware of the research on Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) and the impact of toxic stress to a child’s developing brain, we felt our community would want to know about this amazing research because it clearly shows that we can do things to reduce ACEs, and we can help people see the power in Resilience! So we created the Children’s Resilience Initiative™ (CRI), a grassroots, community response to ACEs, and we’ve been working on this effort for nearly four years now.

The Resilience Online Store & Services™ is our response to the many requests for information we received about our efforts here in Walla Walla to create a community conversant in Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience. We were asked “How did you DO that? What tools do you have that I could use in my community? How did you get started?” The Resilience Online Store & Services™ captures all our products and services in one convenient location. You can also see all the information and resources we have collected in our website to complement the products and services available through the  Resilience Online Store & Services ™ !

We hope to reach a time when “All young people thrive and parents raise their children with consistency and nurturance to develop lasting resilience in the community as a whole.” This is our vision for our families and children. Thank you for your support in purchasing our products and services. When you purchase from the Resilience Online Store & Services™, you help expand the circle of influence and further the work of the Children’s Resilience Initiative™ into other communities across the United States and abroad!


Teri Barila and Mark Brown, Co-founders, Children’s Resilience Initiative™

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